Meila the Farm Dog

Who would really prefer being a house dog.

Despite the fact that she has a thick coat of white hair and will be about 100lbs full grown and is currently more brown than white thanks to 3 days of more rain.

She is the sweetest…

I go out there and every time she has missed me terribly and lets me know it. She jumps up and dances around. She puts her head under my hands for pets. Then when I have to go in, she just watches me leave.

Makes me almost want to go bring her with me. I just have to look at those HUGE paws that are full of mud and muck and keep walking.


I have been “clicker” training her. I don’t use an actual clicker though. I figure the clicker will be wherever I am not, so I just use my voice. It’s always where I am, right??

Her and Malcolm are coming along nicely.

Max is rather enjoying training times too. He gets to show off that he already knows all this stuff and look pups this is how you do it. And gets treats.

Life is good, in his opinion.

They do annoy him greatly and at some point I am expecting Malcolm’s head to be bit clean off, but so far, he has restrained himself.

He will put up with a lot to be able to get treats.

But, Meila.

She will do the stuff, if the treats are good and she wants to. Down is currently a bit of a challenge. I can let them run off leash and they will come when called- most of the time.

Last night, someone left the gate from the coop into the pasture opened.. That someone feels bad that she left the gate opened last night. Meila was also left loose in the pasture last night because the chickens were supposed to be locked in their coop last night.


She pretty much ignores them. They do not make her want to play with them nor is she tempted to play with them.

No chickens, ducks or guineas were harmed in the making of this story.

Everyone was just fine.

I am not counting on this and will not be allowing her to be loose with the birds all the time now. She is still a puppy- 5 months the end of this month. Instead, we will continue to work on training her to be a guard dog for them. Which means that right now she is locked in my garden next to the coop so that she can watch them, learn their habits and movements, and learn how to be quiet around them.

It will take about 2 years for her to be completely trained to care for the livestock and birds around here. Not to mention all the people here. So far, she has not reacted negatively to anyone who has come around here. I am reading that some people have a serious problem with that.

She has had good mentoring from her parents and previous owners.

The only problem I have seen with her was that she resource guards, sometimes. It happened 1 time here- Malcolm almost lost his face!! Since then I have fed her with the other dogs, without the other dogs. I have fed her in her kennel, in the house, in the garden. I put her food down and take it up. I have not seen that problem since, thank goodness.

I am learning a whole new way of training dogs. Obedience training is one thing, and she is learning that because quite frankly, I do not want a 100lb dog that does not obey. But, she has to learn to think for herself… which her breed is known to do. A guardian dog needs to know how to be the guard.

She is not tempted to chew on toys or chase toys. Malcolm has eaten his way through several toys already. She has several toys in her kennel that do not appear to have been touched- other than for her to collect them into her kennel. Barney, however, loves Meila’s toys!! He found one the other day and spent quite a while playing with it!! So funny!!

Enjoy this video of Barney enjoying Meila’s toy..




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