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Turkey For Sale; Cheap.

Male birds are not really very nice. Kind of that naughty child who needs a good spanking.

(Yes, I am a Mom of 9 who does indeed believe that a good spanking is needed sometimes. )

At least, most of the ones I have had have not been very nice. I have had 8 roosters and 4 toms.

The current rooster- we might have to name him- is very nice. He is polite but knows exactly where you are at all times. All of our other roosters? Well.. All but a little gray bantam. He was a good rooster too. He went to live with a friend of mine who had a lonely hen.

I have had turkeys before, but we butchered them before they got naughty.

Last fall before he got really naughty.

This Tom Turkey???


To have a 10 lb rooster come at you, claws up, wings flapping, and mouth open is scary enough, but to have a 35 lb Tom come at you like that??!!! They are fearless.

Remember when you were little and someone called you “Chicken”?? (Maybe that was me. If it was, I’m sorry.) Guess what? Turns out, that was a compliment!! Those little buggers are pretty freaking scary sometimes!! And they are pretty brave. That little rooster will take on whatever he feels is threatening his flock. He doesn’t care that whatever it is, is 10 times his size!! He will take on the threat!

But this Tom?? I think he needs an opponent to come around and be a real threat to his girls. Not me. Maybe he needs a good opponent to get some of that fight out of him. Unfortunately for him we have Millie the Mule and a predator proof fence. He won’t get that chance.

Besides, every time I have served up a rooster on a silver platter for the predators, the rooster has survived. I told you, those little buggers are fierce.

This Tom doesn’t understand, nor does he care, that if I don’t come near him, he won’t get water or food. He just doesn’t want me to come near him.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Has no effect on him. I have informed him of this little proverb many times.

I have also told him that if he doesn’t behave, he will be sent off to “Freezer Camp”.

He doesn’t care.

All he cares about is making me pay for whatever wrong I did to him.

Keeping him safe from predators apparently was not a good thing.

Feeding him daily- twice daily now in the winter- was not good for him either.

I had him and his girls in a pen together but he has just gotten worse and worse. Now, no one can come near and get them food and water. I can’t leave him loose because he will literally chase you down from wherever he was.

Last night, I had had it. The girls should not be without water and food because he is a jerk.

After dark, when they are all a little slow and sleepy, my sons and I went and caught him and put him into a dog kennel. It’s small, but he won’t be around too long to be really injured from it.

Don’t worry, he does have bedding, food and water now.

Either he goes to “Freezer Camp” or someone else’s farmyard.

I have lost my patience with this one.

I am leaving you with a picture of the sunrise. I have been getting up with Youngest as she has started school and has to be on the bus super early. I am getting reacquainted with early mornings and the beauty of a sunrise. Enjoy!!



Sunrise on a recent morning. Beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Turkey For Sale; Cheap.

  1. As I child, I remember having two nasty animals. The first was a rooster that my father regularly threatened to “put in the soup pot.” Eventually, after one too many attacks, that is exactly where that he ended up…chicken and dumplings for everyone.

    The other was a billy goat who would ram anyone nearby when they least expected it. One time, that goat, seeing my dad leaning over the fence pulling out a thistle, butted him hard on the, well, butt, My dad went over the fence. For some reason, that goat went to the auction not long soon thereafter. 😉


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