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My Word for the Year:

I have been pondering that word “Release” for some time now. Lately, I had been reading my passage out of the Passion translation, so I didn’t actually see that the word “release” was in there.  When I did, it kind of smacked me in the face.  Likely, I read it last year, but that was a whole year away and I don’t remember why I went to the chicken coop sometimes…..Sigh…..
My verse was Luke 4:16-20 or so.  In there it says that “He has sent me to announce RELEASE to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed”
Might be that is why I don’t remember from last year.  That is kind of a LOT!  This is Jesus’ calling! Not mine!!!!
But yet, if it says that whatever Jesus did, we are called to do also, I guess then it IS also my calling.
I’m also pondering the question, “What makes you mad?” This question is often asked to help people find the thing they are passionate about. I am passionate about a lot of things, to be honest. But, in the aspect of finding my real, core passion? Something to ponder.

  • Recently, I was up all night with stomach issues again, so I had plenty of time to ponder and write some things about that question.  Here are some things I came up with:
    • Drivers who drive stupidly.  Or what I see as stupid.  I am constantly yelling at other drivers, luckily most of the time my windows are closed at this time of year.  Yield means to YIELD not STOP!!!!!  And What are you doing driving less than the speed limit in the FAST LANE!!!  This is a major issue for me and causes me lots of stress. I tend to be in the mindset that I am the only good driver there is and everyone needs to listen to me. Yea… I know. I need to just stop it.
    I don’t think that has much to do with my purpose…  Though, if I can change the world by getting other drivers to drive properly, I just might try it!!  
    As I pondered that question though, I realized so much has to do with parenting and family. 

      I cannot stand to see so many parents not discipline or train their kids!!  They eat when they want, what they want.  They go to bed whenever they want and watch whatever they want on tv.  The kids get whatever they want when they want it.  Pacifiers in their mouths long past the age that they would really need to have one.  Teens sitting on mom and dads couches all day long doing whatever they want. But not what Mom and Dad want.  They aren’t learning responsibility because they aren’t held accountable.  In school, the teachers are in trouble because little Johnny didn’t do something.  
      Families not doing the simple thing of eating a home made meal together. It doesn’t take much to make even a simple salad, but many won’t do that because little Johnny won’t eat salad. Why not? Learn how to cook simple meals and do it together at least one night a week. That lesson right there could change the world.
      I recently heard one woman say she took her kids to a waterpark near us, one we frequent. But she had to go to one that had a bar nearby. Why? Because she took 2 kids to a waterpark and needed alcohol for that. Seriously? This is a family time with you and your kids. You have just taught your kids that you need alcohol to deal with them. That stuck with me because, well…. It seriously broke my heart for those kids. That could have been an amazing bonding time for her and her kids.
    Then we have this, well what I call, “Fear-Based” society.  
    • We are afraid of what we eat it might cause whatever.
    • We are afraid of what we do because someone might sue us.  
    We are afraid of everything. The media and politics are playing into that in a big way!  So is our medical field.  
    And don’t get me started on Christians!!!!  Why are we focusing on Doctrine and the rules rather than grace and the people.  Meaning, sometimes a woman or a man, NEED to divorce because the other is not at all trying to get healthy or repentant of his or her actions. (That is just an example.) I think about Mary and how she was pregnant out of wedlock in a time when she could have been stoned. And I don’t mean from smoking something!!!
    GOD made her pregnant. Out of wedlock. Oh the scandal!! And then she watched him die on a cross as a condemned man. But God had something in mind there. \
    Now, does all of this have to do with “Release”?  I’m not sure.  I just know that I have been pondering the 2 at the same time so I am assuming God is highlighting them to me right now for some reason.

    So… I start the year pondering some things. Where will this year take me?

    Where will this year take YOU?? Do you have a word or a verse for the year? I would love to hear it!!! If you don’t get a verse or a word, do you have some things in mind for this year??


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