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Book Launch!!!

This will be my official BOOK LAUNCH blog post!!!



I can’t even believe it!!! I completed it! And I am happy with the artwork, my own artwork.

I don’t know how long its been live, I haven’t looked until today. I kept waiting for the publishing company to send me my copies. They haven’t. I called them today. I am praying that this isn’t a sign of how this portion is going to be. The rest has been amazing. The people have been so helpful and encouraging.

It is so amazing to see MY BOOK listed on all these book selling sites:

You can also comment if you are interested in your own copy- that will be a “special edition” SIGNED copy!! Hehehe……

If you could, when you order, please leave a review. It will help my book go up in the ratings and therefore sell better. I appreciate your help!!!

My reward for completing my book will be that we can start the kitchen remodel, I have decided. I was going to purchase something, but I think that this will be a large enough purchase. I am thinking that maybe going to get the design done at Menards or IKEA will be enough of a reward for this portion. Maybe once my next book is done, I will have something else as part of the kitchen remodel as my reward.

Anything to keep my momentum going!! I do have 2 more books in the works right now. It would be fun to get one of them published by the end of this year. Hopefully..




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