A Few Cold Weather Pictures

This morning on the weather station in our house. Chores still have to be done!!
Icy noses and eyes. She is not bothered by all this.
As long as Meila has a place to go out of the wind and food, she is fine.
Her “nest”, I have dubbed it.. she collects things.
The birds with their run plastiked to keep out some of the wind.
Frosty noses!! And eyelashes..
Papa rabbit drinking his water quickly before it freezes.
Mamma rabbit showing me she doesnt care. She is fine. Just fine. I’m fine..
Some of the snow we got. In the end, about a foot and a half between the 2 storms.
Maybe we should have named her Elsa. “The cold never bothered her, anyways.”!!

Today we, along with everyone else in our area, have a “snow day”. So I think we are going to try the boiling water trick and blowing bubbles!! I will try to remember to take pictures and post them!!

Post your Warm weather spots in the comments!! Unless you have this cold too, then post your cold weather pics!!


And keep warm!!



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