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A Possible Book Signing Opportunity!

My books arrived on Friday. I am so excited to see it in print!!

Today a friend invited me to do a book signing at Barnes and Noble where she is setting up an event for our theater group. A BOOK SIGNING at Barnes and NOBLE!!!!

However, there is a problem. They will only order 5 copies because my publisher has it marked that they are non-returnable books. My publisher who assured me over and over again that they would be returnable!!

That is a Monday problem. I will be calling them then and figuring this out.

I get that they don’t want to order more copies of a children’s book from a new author.

But that meant that I had to put out a plea for friends and family to commit to coming to a book signing and purchasing copies of my book. That way, B n N would be willing to purchase more copies.

Wow.. I really did that.

Next week, when it comes time to go do a book signing, I may be regretting that.

But for today, I am hoping that we can have a few more copies ready for me to sign.

I will need to practice my signature, I guess!!

It will keep me busy and keep me from worrying about asking people to commit to purchasing my book. And talking to people at a book signing at B n N!!!!

Thanks for your encouragement!!

Ruth from “Don’t Eat it! Soap and Skin Care Products“, I will be sending you a copy next week!! Thanks so much!!

Thanks Aunt Sylvia, Maria and everyone else who is purchasing a book!! I appreciate you so much!!




8 thoughts on “A Possible Book Signing Opportunity!

  1. Found your blog through Don’t Eat It Soap It & just wanted to say a huuuuuge congrats on getting your book published, I think that’s incredible. The book signing is very exciting, I do hope you sort out the niggles with the ordering and such and can enjoy the event, and enjoy the signature practice too now that you’ll be famous 😉
    Caz xx


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