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My Favorite Blog Sites

The picture I used is from last week. Want to see what it looks like today?

Can you believe all that snow, it was -50 degrees that week. Then, on the weekend, just a couple of days later it was almost 50 degrees!! A crazy temperature swing that melted all that snow pretty quickly.

The kids are home from school again because that is all ICE! It’s still raining and we are going to just keep getting more throughout the day today.

Ok- on to todays blog post:

My current favorite blog sites… The ones I go back and read time and time again. Some make me laugh. Some I just find interesting.

Some just reinforce the idea of my own nerdiness…….


In no particular order, here are my current favorite blog sites. I hope you check them out and post a comment!


Derrick is an Englishman. He and his wife have home in England with BEAUTIFUL English gardens. And that is why I love his blog. He shares pictures of their gardens. They have beautiful gardens starting and I am looking at another day off for my kids who just started going off to school and have so far now 4 days off due to weather. It is currently raining and icy. I can look at his blog pictures and see horses, cows, or gardens. He shares also some of the beautiful landscapes and villages of England.

Maybe its just my own nerdy need for flower pictures that draws me back. Or maybe the English countryside which looks so beautiful and not Wisconsin!!


Elle is a writer. Currently, I am a Beta reader for one of her books. I enjoy checking out her blog to see what she is working on and writing about. Her style is fun to read. A good blog to go back to regularly.


LOTS of great gardening tips and recipes here on this site. There are seed starting tips, info on Determinate and Indeterminate tomato plants and some great recipes! Because this family and our family are doing some of the same kinds of things, I can relate.


She is a working Momma trying to get time to follow her passion. A big red horse who isn’t always appreciative of being the current recipient of her passion. I have been following her blog just because I understand. Following ones passion sometimes costs a LOT of money and is frustrating!! But- she is sticking with it and I am so happy for the progress her and her horse have made!!

Great blog to follow- if nothing else just to see her perseverance! Something we all need to cultivate in this era of quick fix everything!


Becky Dingle of Chapel of Hope Stories just makes my day. She has gone through a lot of stuff lately to, but I love reading how God has blessed her in the midst of things! She is a Grandmother and shares her stories.

A good pick me up kind of blog.


Ok. So true confessions; I totally started reading her posts because of her blog name. Who wouldn’t want to read about a snarky pastor’s wife??!!!

Oh.. Maybe just me… My naughty side getting out again.

BUT!! I found out, through reading her blog, that she is a fellow Wisconsinite who is raising animals- goats, chickens, pigs and the most beautiful cow in the world!! And her blogs are absolutely hysterical! Totally relatable to me.

Every time I see she has a new blog post, I can’t wait to read it!!


Ok. So to be honest, this one is just because of the children’s book lover in me. And around here, we like to make our animals “talk” just like this writer does. Several of our animals have their own distinct “voice”.

I love guinea pigs. I have always had a soft spot of guinea pigs. This blog is written totally from the perspective of George the guinea pig.



Anna is living in Austria. I love her pictures and stories of what life is like for her there. She is a Brit who felt led by God to move to Austria with her husband. She writes about her challenges, her black dog, and so much more. The best part are the pictures!!

But also, its fun to read about what life is like in another country.

Ok… So maybe I am living vicariously through other bloggers.


This blog is a great blog about this writers journey through Lymes. Something we have been battling here too. Not as seriously as she has, for sure.

She is also a new friend who attends a group I am also a part of. I absolutely love her blog! The design is fun and friendly and easy to navigate.

Her posts are so GOOD!! Postive, uplifting, encouraging! She loves Young Living Essential Oils too. A blog I go back to again and again.


This blog is just a good read. She makes soaps and skin care products. She raises chickens and gardens. All stuff I love to read about. I like to read about how other people do things and tips and tricks they have found. Her most recent blog is about fermenting foods- something I have played around with a little over the years.

She was sweet enough to request a copy of my children’s book, “Barney Goes to the Horse Show”. I am hoping she likes it!!

And one more just for fun!!

She is a customer of ours and writes a fun blog about her life here in our town. She has a beautiful house and shows how she decorates it. So cute! She also sells Thirty-One bags and has two adorable dogs. She is also a new Grandma.

I would love for you to go check out these blogs and let me know what you think! I will try to do a regular post about the blogs I am following and loving. If you have a blog you would like me to check out, post a link in the comments. I will check it out and maybe find another blog to love.




6 thoughts on “My Favorite Blog Sites

  1. Vicki, Thank you so much for following my blog and including me in this list. I have bookmarked this page so I can return to it and check out you other recommendations as well. ♥


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