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March Marches On….

Can you believe its March already???

So far, a pretty mild month. No major snowstorms yet. Just some little flurries here and there. Even if we do get some snow, it’s not a big deal. We know it will be gone in a few days anyways.. That’s the way March works. I usually call March “Mud Month” because it generally is!! MUDDY!!! The snow is melting. The freezing is still in the ground so all that dirt on top just turns to slippery slimy mud.

By the end of this month, the mud will be deeper……. yippee…. May as well give up cleaning until the end of next month!

OH!! And this happened this month!!

I mostly butchered 2 of the rabbits!! I have never never done that before in my life!! I have watched steers be butchered. I have watched chickens and even the first batch of rabbits be butchered. But I have never done it myself!!

This time, my Oldest Son said, “I won’t always be here to help you so you are going to learn.” And it was the week that the Mary Poppins song, “Anything can Happen If you Let It” song was going through my head.

So I let it happen……

And I did it!! I can’t lie- it was not and is not my favorite part of raising meat animals. But there is something to be said about conquering fears!! And I conquered that one!! I am not sure I will do them on my own, unless I am confident I can kill them quickly and humanely and I am not there yet. But I can do the rest!!

Here are the rabbits that we butchered:

They are cute aren’t they?? I will spare you the pic of my Son working on butchering the first one.

In celebration of my accomplishment, and because we are butchering rabbits, my Dad, who butchered THOUSANDS of purebred Checkered Giants in his day, gave me his knife!!! He said he used it for butchering when he and his Dad butchered. They would butcher rabbits every week and sell them to the grocery stores or restaurants in the area. I am so honored and excited to have this knife. A little part of my families history!!

Here are some pics of the chickens in the mud… The coop area is just a muck mess right now and there isn’t much I can do about it. I do not like mess……..

There is that rooster that showed up last fall. He is looking quite handsome and he lets me know every time I am out there that he is.

I can’t wait for the plants to start greening up again and the gardens to look nicer!!

Here are some early plants coming up!! They are next to the house as you can see, and I am giddy with excitement that they are coming up!!! I might be just a little weird, but after all those cold, dead months, I get excited to see new life peeking out of the ground..

Tulips, Daffodils, Irises, crocuses. Even the strawberry plants are starting to perk up!! The chickens have been digging and scratching in there so its kind of messy. Yesterday we were busy cleaning up some of the mess. It will look much better soon!! Seems to be the girls’ favorite spot for finding bugs and such. There is only one other garden that looks worse than this one!!! But they are fertilizing along the way so I can’t get too upset.

What is your favorite part about this Mucky Month??




A Walk in the Yard

Went for a quick walk around the property with the dogs this morning. They are wild this morning!! I thought a little walk with them might quiet them down so we can get some work done and not keep being distracted.

So far, its working.

While in the back of the property, I looked around and thought, wow!! This is beautiful! I should have brought my camera!!

Funny… It was in my pocket today!

I usually leave it in the house and then I don’t get the steps counted because I use the counter on my phone. According to my phone, I need to be much more active.

Well, I am sure I do, but if I would keep my phone on me at all times, I would be much closer to my goals.



Anyways- the weeds and brush back there were covered in frost and frozen drips making it all look like it had been decorated for Christmas!! It sparkled and shined! I am sure my pictures will not do it justice so trust me, it was gorgeous!!

And the dogs are sleeping now, so my plan worked! Time to get some work done..