What’s Blooming??

I am a little weird about my blooms.

I get a little more excited than the people I live with.. they find it a little odd.

I can’t help it! They are so pretty!! Check these out:

This is a new plant at my house. I actually paid money for it. It’s in a temporary spot until we get the new garden ready.
These yellow flowers a friend recently gave me. Cant wait til they fill this planter!! Beautiful!!

Would love to see some of your garden blooms!! Post a picture in the comments!




A Few Garden Pics

I thought I would share a few garden pictures. I am so excited with how the gardens are coming along. Especially that hosta bed i did last year!

Look at this so far:

Then, in another garden, the pretty blue flowers are almost done already, but the alliums are blooming so nicely!! And the iris are starting too!!

Still have much gardening work to do!! But, what is doing well is really doing well this year!!

Anybody wanna come help weed??!!

I have lots of plans for some of the other gardens.. some changes but mostly just rearranging some things that need moving.

And weeding. And mulching..

Just keep focusing on one thing at a time and it will get done..

The big project will be the dry riverbed area. I have some ideas for how I want it to look and I have some plants already for it. Just have to get time to do it.

What are your garden plans for this year?? Any big projects??