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“They are late for everything.” I overheard this from an old friend as I rushed in to the event, with several of the kids. She had her back to me and didn’t see me arrive, flushed and rushed, irritated with several of the kids, yet again. That remark stung. So much so that I remember… Continue reading

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Focus, Baby, Focus- Keeping Our Eyes

Raise your hand if you are a Mom.... Raise your hand if you are a woman. Men too for that matter! (I say women because I AM a woman- I know, shocker.... But MEN can also struggle in this.) Raise your hand if you immediately go to the worst possible scenario whenever anything happens. Yea.… Continue reading Focus, Baby, Focus- Keeping Our Eyes

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Finally Finished..

Finally finished that last pile. The last pile of stuff needing sorting and putting away. That took FOREVER... but it is done. Sometimes its just the thought of something that is intimidating more than the actual doing of the project. And that is what happened with this last pile of stuff. Last intimidating pile of… Continue reading Finally Finished..