A Little Homeschool Post

I suppose I haven’t written about schooling for quite some time. We are still here schooling.  We are doing some things a little differently.  I have 3 boys that needed a bit more structure than I wanted to give them so we are doing a Virtual Public school through our state.

It has brought some peace to our home so for that, I love it.  They are accountable to their teachers, not to me.  Yes, we still have had some accountability issues, but it’s not just me telling them they need their school work done and done well.

They have the freedom to do other things besides schooling so one works at the shop on his quiet days.  They can build their science kits if they want.  They can work a little bit ahead for planned days off, like we have this week.  They can get outside and get some exercise when they need to move a bit.

imagesThey have done some other classes through the school as well which they have enjoyed, like a great drawing class.  We have also done. some great field trips.

I am still schooling the youngest and she is doing pretty well.  I have enrolled her in the virtual school for next year and am still waiting the hear about that.  Not sure I really want her to do that, since I really do like schooling her.  We work together well.

She and I have been doing a co-op together twice a month with some other home school families.  That has been a GODSEND!!!  Talking with other moms.  Encouraging other moms and just having some good conversation has been so good for me!  A bonus is that she has had some time for music and art lessons then, both of which she is loving!

This year, I would have to say, has been overall, really good.  I think back to years past when I had 5 kids sitting around my kitchen table taking turns doing their lessons with me and then doing the assignments.  Once they were done with them, they could go play for a bit with whatever little one needed some time.

How did I do that??  For whatever reason, I have not been able to get into that routine with these 4.  I have tried and tried.  They liked to do their own thing in their own time.  Which, now, doesn’t work either because they have to follow their class schedule.

Then, how did I do things with 2, a baby and a toddler, or a preschooler?  Somehow I got schooling done, and made supper and cared for little ones.  Somehow I got the house clean-ish.  I wish I had taken pictures at least.

It wasn’t easy to school with the little ones, but we did it.  Sometimes, oftentimes, with a baby on my lap or in the chair next to me.  Sometimes a snack was enough to give me enough time to get through the lesson.  Sometimes a little water in the tray of the high chair worked.

I had a lot of little tricks that helped.  Now, I need tricks to keep myself on track and recall that I am supposed to be schooling.  She is fun to work with but also, like her mother and brothers, easily distracted!!

What have you been doing this year if you are homeschooling?  What have you found that works well for your family in this school year? download



PS I shared this post over on the Hip Homeschool Hop.  Go check it out- they have lots of great information, other people to read about and some really good ideas.  



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9 Things to Do When it is Ridiculously Cold Outside And You Homeschool.

It is Ridiculously cold outside.  -8 degrees and wind chills of -31.  And 2 of my boys are heading outside to do some car thing.  The animals will need to be fed, but otherwise… We can snuggle up inside.   With cups of hot chocolate or tea.  And blankets.

  1. Still do whatever is needed to be done.  There is no school cancellations or delay because of cold.  We still need to feed the animals.  We still, some of us, go off to work.  We still get the laundry done.
  2. Schoolwork.  It’s still Monday and a school day.  We can snuggle up under our blankets with cups of hot chocolate or tea and get a good school day in.
  3. Until we have to leave for the afternoon’s activities. Life does still go on around here.
  4. If we didn’t have to go anywhere, well then, the house would get cleaned. But that would get done if it was warmer outside too.  Because we need to.  I am kinda picky about that.
  5. If we didn’t have to clean we might watch some educational movies or Youtube videos.
  6. When the kids were younger, we might play “snow day” and do some snow day crafts or activities.
    1. Lay a huge sheet on the floor, get out scissors and printer paper and cut out snowflakes.  Let the sheet catch all the snibbles and then dump it into the recycling bin.  If you haven’t done this before, here is a site that will give you some instructions.
    2. Watch this fun “Make a Flake” video
    3. Read “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats or watch this video.
    4. Make up a batch of play dough and create snowmen with the dough.
      1. Recipe:  1/2 c. salt
      2. 1 c. flour
      3. 1 c. water
      4. 1TBSP oil
      5. 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
      6. Heat on the stove until mixture thickens like mashed potatoes.  Then turn out on the counter and finish kneading. Let it cool a little bit before you do that. Then, give each kid a piece and let them play with the still warm dough.  You can add food coloring if you like.
    5. Make a fort out of blankets and sheets and pillows.  Lay around reading and playing.
  7. Clean out that game cabinet/closet that keeps getting piled full of games just shoved back in after being played.  Put together all those puzzles that we found the pieces for.  Play a few of the games.
  8. Bake some bread.  Make some cinnamon rolls- YUM!
  9. Make homemade hot chocolate.  Here is an easy recipe and delicious:
    1. 1/4 c. sugar
    2. 2TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder
    3. 2 c. milk
    4. stir together the sugar and cocoa powder.  Add 1/4 c. milk and bring to a low boil over med-high heat, stirring constantly.  Boil 1-2 min until sugar is dissolved and the mixture is slightly thick.  Stir in remaining milk and heat through.

Enjoy your day!  I hope it is not cold where you are.

What do you do on “snow” days?  Or “Too Cold” days??