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School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

Which means I am busy again. For lots of other people it means freedom. For me, it means I need to pay attention to what they are doing and make sure they do it well. At least as we start the year..... Everyone else dreads summer and Christmas breaks because their kids are home again.… Continue reading School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

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A Day in the Life…..

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life. Not sure it would be an interesting read so I will try to make it one. Around here, nowadays, we are pretty laid back. We get up mostly when we get up. I get up around 7 or so, most days. I… Continue reading A Day in the Life…..


A Little Homeschool Post

I suppose I haven't written about schooling for quite some time. We are still here schooling.  We are doing some things a little differently.  I have 3 boys that needed a bit more structure than I wanted to give them so we are doing a Virtual Public school through our state. It has brought some… Continue reading A Little Homeschool Post