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Flooded…. Homesteading Heartbreaks.

I read a post recently by Kira King at "The Homestead Kings" about how Homesteading/farming isn't for everybody. I agreed with her quite wholeheartedly because... well animals die. Crops die. A lot of hard work gets wiped out in a moment. It's not an easy life. And it's easy to get hard hearted about it… Continue reading Flooded…. Homesteading Heartbreaks.

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Chicks are OUTSIDE!!!

Finally. Spring's warmer side has finally come out. The grass is growing and my plants are starting to bloom so nicely. Of course, many of them look terrible because of the weather and some help from the hens.. They love this garden for their dust bath area. But the tulips and daffodils don't seem to… Continue reading Chicks are OUTSIDE!!!

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Hay Bales… And Gardens..

I started yet another project. I don't know why, I just did. Well, I do know why. Its because I have wanted to do this for years. It looks interesting to me and why not try something that looks interesting and creative and different. ' 2 years ago, I got extra bales of straw from… Continue reading Hay Bales… And Gardens..