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Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Monday.  Rainy day number 5.  The Sun peeked out yesterday though, making it extremely humid!  Not nice at all.  I turned on the air conditioning just because of the humidity. This week I have to order cakes for the baby shower coming up and the graduation party.  Both are on the same weekend.  It will… Continue reading Rain Rain Go Away!!!

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An Update on My Current Job as Horse Keeper..

So far, no one has died.  Though, each time one is laying out flat sunning himself, I think, "it's dead.  How am I going to tell her that her horse died while I was taking care of them?"  Not, "Oh look, they are sunning themselves." or "They look so sweet laid out like that!" Every.… Continue reading An Update on My Current Job as Horse Keeper..

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P is for…

POO, PEACOCKS AND PONIES... I will share the first topic last and start out nice and neat..   Peacocks.  One of the critters that has been asked for around here.  We had one that traveled our neighborhood for many years.  Then the dogs discovered him and he didn't come around here much after that.  No,… Continue reading P is for…