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My Naturopathic Journey Through These Health Challenges

As most of you know, I have been dealing with some health issues for way too freakin long!!

The Doctors call it Gastritis, which, I would agree with. But I also had my gallbladder out in October and have been also dealing with the consequences of that. I guess what can happen after a gallbladder removal is that for months or even years later, you can have food and digestive issues, like I have been having.

I have been seeing a holistic Doctor, Nichole is her name. She has been amazing- truly amazing. I have given her quite the challenge to be sure. I have not been the easiest patient for her as all my issues have been hidden and not dealt with for some time now. But she is helping me get to the roots of these issues and for that, I am thankful!

I wrote about Gastritis and what the Medical doctors have been doing about it, but I haven’t really written much about this side of things. I guess I was a little nervous about it.

Well here I go…

Last summer, we had quite the challenges happening all at the same time. Some of them were Hubby having Lymes and Son#6 having Mononucleosis. I sent Hubby to a holistic doc that had been recommended to me several times. She was awesome and got him back on track. I think that the 2 things, medical and holistic seemed to have helped him kick it out. So far, he has been doing pretty well. He will get rechecked later this month.

I made an appointment for myself as well because I just wasn’t feeling well. But couldn’t really put my finger on why. That was right before my Son #1’s wedding. I waited til after that to start her recommendations.

I spent September laid out on the couch. I had trouble with acid reflux. I didn’t feel well. I had zero energy. I took long naps. It was not pretty. I thought I was just exhausted from the summers stresses, so I just let my body rest.

At that first appointment, she found that I had several food allergies, several flu viruses that were just “hanging out”, and Epstein Barr virus-(causes Mononucleosis.) And parasites. Along with lots of other stuff. She chose to just focus on the things I mentioned to start with. It seemed like a good plan.

Through September that is what I dealt with.

But then, in October, my digestive system just stopped. I had pain in my belly- severe pain that was diagnosed as a gallbladder problem. That led to my gallbladder being removed. My digestive system would not work properly without lots of help and food was a huge issue both before the gallbladder and after.

I went back to her and found that for some reason, my stomach lining just got irritated. Very irritated. Then is where I found out that I was allergic to most foods. Gallic acid which is in 80% of our foods is specifically what I was allergic to. My liver and gallbladder would not do what they needed to do. My stomach was on FIRE. Most foods would either go straight on back out, or cause terrible stomach pain and bloating.

So I went on a strict diet of bland foods. Oatmeal. Applesauce. White rice. Small amounts of meats- sometimes. Bananas. Dairy was a problem food so no eggs or cottage cheese. I made chicken broths and turkey broths and beef broths and then I could do some soups. I juiced produce. But I had to be careful what I put in.

Still am mostly on that, but I have expanded my diet somewhat.

Later on in an accidental appointment- supposed to be for Hubby- a little mix up.. whoops- we found that I had several tick diseases also. Not Lymes, but some of the other ones. There are LOTS of them!

So now here I am- I have or had, parasites, tick diseases, food allergies, flu viruses, Epstein Barr virus, liver and gallbladder issues, stomach and bowel issues. Oh I almost forgot the yeast and fungal infections.


No wonder I feel like crap.

I have been asking the Medical Docs for some help with this stuff and they have given me all they can. Basically they look at my blood work and say, you are fine. Nothing shows up in the blood. I am on Pantoprazole to help with the stomach acid, which has helped in that area at least. The rest, they don’t really know what to do with me about. I was told, “these things take time”. Which, is true. Yes. I didn’t get into this spot in a day, so it’s gonna take some time to get through it.

I have also asked about having a blockage in my liver, I guess that happens often in gallbladder patients. To be fair, I have asked my holistic doc as well and we hadn’t found it yet.

Well today, at the holistic doc, most of the rest of the issues have been dealt with. The parasites and tick diseases still need some work, but the rest seems to have been dealt with- thank goodness. But she also found that my liver is not processing stuff like it should. Like it’s blocked with either sludge or stones.



Now it seems that is why so many things were stuck. My liver doesn’t seem to be processing things correctly. Finally- we are getting somewhere!! How long this has been going on, I have no idea. But I could say it’s been awhile.

I am just excited that we finally figured out what is likely the main problem. Hopefully, from here, things will only get better.

Thank goodness.



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Let’s Learn About Gastritis

Its apparently what I have. For the last 4 or more months. 4 very long months.

Every once in a while I feel like I am getting better. Then…… nope. Here it is again!!

It seems that I have had it for some time, but the flair up, the biggie, started in October. As a bonus, the gallbladder went out too. I am guessing that the 2 things together seem to be making my life miserable. I have heard that not everyone bounces back from gallbladder surgery in a few days as I was led to believe.

I am a lucky one…..

Gastritis is when the lining of the stomach is inflamed and irritated. For me, that meant burning pain in my belly from eating anything that wasn’t oatmeal and white rice. Abdominal pain and discomfort are constant companions. Hiccups also come and hang out for a while. Bloating and gas are bonuses. Loss of appetite is another symptom. I did have an appetite, but I couldn’t eat and I felt full after eating small amounts. All typical symptoms of Chronic Gastritis.

At least I haven’t have vomiting and severe nausea. Nor have I had internal bleeding- thank goodness.

Typically, people who have this are people whose diet is more processed. People who drink a lot. People who smoke and take Ibuprofen and Aleive.

I drank too much at my sons wedding in September. I took a lot of Ibuprofen this summer because my body hurt and I had a lot of work to do. I eat very little processed foods and certainly don’t waste my money on smoking.

Stress is a huge cause. Might have had a little of that over the last couple years..

Interesting enough, I have found some other causes listed here on Medicine Net:

chronic gastritis may occur with repeated or continual presence of most of these causes:

• Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections

• Certain drugs (cocaine)

• Alcoholic disease (drinking excessive amounts of alcohol)

• Bile reflux

Fungal infections

Allergic reactions

• Autoimmune reactions

Stress reaction

• Radiation

• Certain food poisonings (infectious and chemical)


In general, infectious agents, especially Helicobacter pylori, and NSAIDs are responsible for the majority of people with gastritis.

According the the Natural Doc, I have fungal infections and parasites. (Don’t get grossed out- your probably have parasites and just don’t know it.) I have been having allergic reactions to foods over this past year. I have had trouble with reflux for years. And then of course, stress and NSAIDS.

I am being treated for all my issues- except for stress reduction- by the Natural Doc. The Medical Doc is treating me by giving me meds to help me live life along the way. It is helping me make it through.

Since all this started, my upper back pain has been eliminated. I guess one symptom of gallbladder problems is upper back pain. My feet and leg pain is almost totally gone. I have not been able to go without shoes in the house for years. The other day, I realized late afternoon, I had forgotten to even put on my slippers! And I was fine!!! That can be caused by allergies or sensitivities to nightshades. (Tomatoes, potatoes, ground cherries, eggplants, peppers…) I haven’t eaten anything from that group since early October.

I also seem to be allergic to the mold that is naturally on wheat. I have eliminated wheat from my diet as well and that is helping quiet down the inflammation in my body.

As I researched this post, I have realized that all the things I have been dealing with here are connected. This is why I have felt so awful for so long. I am thankful that we are finally getting them dealt with and healed up. It is just taking way too long in my opinion.

I am sure my family and friends would agree. They have been so good and patient with me. I appreciate each and every one of them. I appreciate their checking in and their support while I have been dealing with this all. Especially the ones in the house who put up with me trying so many different foods on them in my quest to find foods we would all eat willingly.

Its not easy.

Thanks for taking time to read through this post!