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Please Bear With Me….

I am in the midst of changing things, yet again, with my blog.  Please bear with me and be patient, because who knows what will happen and when I will be blogging again.. I moved things to Bluehost and am trying very hard to not get frustrated. See you again sometime... maybe soon.  Hopefully.

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Vicki’s First Book

What a sweet post from a blogger friend about my book!! Thank you so much!!

Don't Eat It! Soap and Skin Care

Today I am sending a shout out and a great big ‘atta girl to my friend and fellow blogger Vicki at Horses, Dirt and Motherhood. A few weeks ago Vicki announced on her blog that she just published her first book. What a great way to start the new year! I have great admiration for Vicki because I know there are many of us, Bloggers and non- bloggers, who have said or thought  “I should”, “I could” or ” I want to – write a book” but we just haven’t done it yet. It take’s a lot of time, talent, commitment, and I sure some money to write, illustrate (Yes, she illustrated it as well) and publish a book and Vicki has shown us that it can be done.

I received my  copy in the mail yesterday and am now looking forward to sharing it with my grand children on their next…

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Some Days, Even I Need a Glass of Wine…

Today..... A great parade... A broken air conditioner.... on a 95 and humid kind of day.... Water in the basement... again.... I need a bottle of my Uncle's homemade wine.... per my Brother's suggestion.. At least most of the day was good... Blessings, I pray your day was better. Vicki