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A Day in the Life…..

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life. Not sure it would be an interesting read so I will try to make it one.

Around here, nowadays, we are pretty laid back. We get up mostly when we get up. I get up around 7 or so, most days. I get my tea, get caught up on some emails- or rather delete the emails that I just won’t read- scroll through Facebook for no particular reason, and then go to my office for a little “quiet time” with God. I pray, journal, and read the Bible for about a half hour. I am kind of spoiled nowadays.


The kids who are my early risers go watch YouTube videos or play video games until I kick them off and tell them to go eat breakfast around 8 or so. The other 2 who are not early risers get woke up about 9 ish. Or whenever I get around to that. Unless they have an early class and wake themselves up.

I go eat breakfast, clean up the kitchen a little, get the kid whose chore it is to empty the dishwasher and put away dishes from the night before, doing their chore and I go take a shower.

After that, I finish any chores in the kitchen, and then get the kid whose chore it is to help feed the chickens and rabbits and we go do that. This morning it was cold so we had to get fresh water bottles and break the ice in the chickens water tank. I brought in 6 eggs only. Lately, I have been getting about 18 a day because it has been nice again. Last night, the temps dropped below zero again so they didn’t lay as well. I have to treat one rabbit for fur mites later today. I will probably put out a dust bath of Diatomaceous Earth for the rabbits and one for the chickens. That should take care of mites.

While I catch up on some other chores that need doing, emails, today, signing my actors up for auditions, and other things that pop up that need dealing with, my kids are working on their school work. All 4 are doing online schooling this year. Some like to start right away and get their work done. Others stroll in later in the morning. All mornings are spent then doing school work. One is doing a few things off line because I fee like she needs a little extra work in some areas.

The boys are pretty much independent and do what they need to do. Sometimes needing a little reminder here and there. I am here basically as a supervisor to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and not being distracted by their phones……. or the cat. or their siblings……..

During this time is when I am doing either a blog post or work for the Master Gardener class I am taking, or working on drawing the illustrations for a book I am working on.

As a family, before lunch generally, we do Bible time. This year we have been reading through Psalms and Proverbs. I am learning a lot as we read Proverbs for the second time through this year. There is a very clear distinction between fools and the righteous throughout Proverbs and excellent advice for living!! Sometimes we watch a teaching online which has been really good for us all too.

For lunch, I generally pull out all the leftovers from the week, add in some sandwich fixings, some chips and some fruit and vegetables and put them on the counter or table for them to pick and choose what they want to do for lunch. It works well for us and I don’t have to worry about cooking something special for lunch again. Sometimes I will make something like eggs or macaroni and cheese. But generally, lunch is a smorgasbord.

After lunch, the kid whose chore it is to do dishes, helps to fill the dishwasher and wash up any remaining dishes. The kid whose chore it is to clean up the kitchen, does that and I go do whatever chores I need to be doing. Generally, the dishwasher needs to be run after lunch.

Sometimes they go outside and do some playing for a bit. Sometimes they go back to working on schoolwork or a class. Sometimes they read or draw. Often, they will play video games, either with friends online or together. For this last school year, I go take a nap. I wish it wasn’t a necessity for me, but it is what it is I guess.

After that, we get some other cleaning chores done. Sometimes we play some games or bake. Most of the time though, we do one or 2 cleaning chores that need doing. It is more fun and gets done faster when we do them together and by then, they need something active to do anyways. Last week while it was nice, we all cleaned out the rabbit house and all the water bottles, feed dishes and nesting box. This week, its been snowing or nasty, so we have done some indoor chores like vacuuming and cleaning up those areas that just don’t get cleaned often.

Then the boys who have jobs, start to leave for their jobs. One generally works about 5pm the first part of the week. The other the same time the end of the week.

I start supper around 5 or so, depending on what is going on that night. Whoever is kitchen duty or dishes comes and helps with those parts. Sometimes I have them help make dinner.

Most of the time we eat dinner together. Some nights, it just doesn’t work out so I make something and we eat when we can. Wednesday nights, Hubby takes the kids to their Martial Arts class and they eat out together in between classes. That gives me the night off to work on whatever I have to work on. Tonight though, I am meeting a friend to shop for a nice top to wear to Horse Daughter’s Bridal shower on Saturday. That should be fun!!

Tuesday the kids have Martial Arts so they eat after class. I have my Master Gardener class so I eat before. Thursdays the kids have Christian Youth Theater and leave by 4pm so I have them eat a good snack, take a snack with them and then feed them a little supper when they get home. Friday nights, the theater kids have rehearsals so they are gone by 430 generally so again, I try to get them something before they leave and have them something to eat while there. Ok- who am I kidding…. I generally forget and they purchase snacks there.

Feeding times at night are a little tricky……….

Like so many of you, we deal with that too. Slow cookers and meals that can sit in the oven are my saving grace. A lot of times I like to try to make bigger meals and have leftovers in the fridge for them to just heat up when they can. Some of them would rather just not eat so I do have the struggle of getting them to eat and eat healthy foods.

After supper most of the time, we chill. Some go watch TV. Some play video games. Sometimes we have to go check animals waters and make sure they have thawed water. Sometimes we have to go out and close up the coop after all the girls have gone back inside for the night. About 830 or 9, someone always gets something for a snack and stacks dishes in my sink and leaves a mess on my counter. After this many years, I just roll my eyes and ignore it. About 930, we start heading to bed. The youngest will get sent to the showers sometime before that time. Youngest Son will head to bed on his own then. Youngest Daughter needs to talk.. Then needs a drink. Then needs anything else. She has always had trouble getting to sleep.

I am in bed about then as well, reading generally. The rest of them get to bed around 11 or so.

Not very exciting I suppose. Around here, things are pretty self directed. Other than getting them to go outside or to do something I need or want some help with, they pretty much do what they need to do.

What do your days look like?? What do you do for that busy night time schedule to help keep them fed without going out to eat all the time??



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Some Days Are Like That… Just Another Day in the Life

Some days are quiet. Some days are like yesterday- definitely not quiet. Other days?? Are like today. Seems like they were pretty quiet. But then something happens.

We were having a typical day- Mom was crabby. One student got called to task for not doing all the schoolwork assigned and then not going back and fixing it. Others were reminded about focusing on their school work.

I was trying to work on my own class I started last week and looking forward to an after lunch nap. Maybe just maybe I would be able to do it. Even though the dogs were home. Even though they bark at the least little sound. Even though some people were in and out of the house causing the dogs to bark even more.

Nope. I needed a nap, yes. Its been one of those weeks where I don’t sleep well. Which stinks..

Then I started ranting on my computer. I thought I would just write for a while and a rant on a crabby day seemed to be a good idea.

Then it was time to take 2 more kids to the doctor to be tested for Lymes. This doctor is amazing and I am really liking him. He does not think I am a total nutcase for bringing my kids in for that even tho they are not exhibiting the normal symptoms. But he understands my issue.

We just had another one of the family dogs go through the treatment for Lymes. In WINTER. IN WISCONSIN!!!! Last summer, another one of the family dogs had it. Hubby had it last summer and exhibited ALL the symptoms BUT the rash!! Of course he had it for almost 2 weeks before we figured out that was what he had.

I might be a little paranoid.

Or, it might be a good idea. He understood my issue with wanting them tested. He also took some time to teach us about Lymes and showed us some of the pictures of the Wood Tick that causes Lyme along with the rash pictures. We also got to talking about the bacterium that causes Lyme, Borrelia burgdorferi. (That is another fascinating topic!! This spirochete type bacterium.)

He said it takes about 2 weeks for the virus to appear in the body. Of course, as he said, that varies from person to person. Sometimes it happens almost immediately other times, it takes longer. Looking up some info to add to this post, and found that interestingly enough, Lyme symptoms can disappear without treatment but will often reappear months, years or even decades later!!! I wondered about that.

1. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the U.S.

2. The disease can only be passed on through the bites of certain kinds of tick.

3. A common symptom of Lyme disease is an erythema migrans rash.

4. Without effective treatment, symptoms disappear, but more severe symptoms can emerge weeks, months, or years later. (From Medical News Today)

Understanding the mechanisms of inflammatory disorders that accompany PTLDS and/or antibiotic-refractory Lyme arthritis may inform the development of therapies to help those impacted by these symptoms.

• Auto-antigens, which are thought to initiate or perpetuate an autoimmune response, may be at least partially responsible for post-infectious Lyme disease symptoms. Investigators are screening multiple candidate auto-antigens, and one auto-antigen has been characterized.

• Scientists are characterizing the reactivity of nervous system antibodies, which seem to differ between those patients that develop PTLDS (Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome) and those that do not. These studies may lead to an understanding of why some patients continue to have ongoing symptoms and may open new avenues for treatment. (From the current research done by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 2017)

Might be “geeking out” a little about this Lyme Disease info…….

Ok.. Sorry.. Got carried away. Back to the day in the life. (Yep- still a day in the life of me. I get a little excited about stuff like that!!)

And then the fire alarm went off. While we were still in the Doctors office discussing my child’s health. Yes- we did talk about that too!

Then he looked out the door and realized that we really needed to evacuate. No one knew what the alarm was going off for so we needed to get out. We got to go out the employee door in the back!!

Turns out, it wasn’t a fire- thank goodness.

The sprinkler head broke outside and tripped the fire alarm. Of course, they had to wait for the fire department to arrive and give the “all clear”.

It was outside too, which was a good thing. All those electronics would have been ruined!! Not to mention all the renovations that had just been completed or were in progress.

Now tonight…

Its quiet. I am alone. Just me and the dogs. Everyone is gone doing their thing. I am taking this time to play with my Insta Pot- its still new so I am trying to figure it out. I will write about that once I get it figured out. Seems that its gonna take a little getting used to.

And write a blog post. I will also spend some time drawing as I have been too distracted to do that this week so far.

I should also put away these piles of things that I have out. Projects that I have been slowly working on and now, just need to be put away.

But I am not crabby anymore.

Some days are like that.