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Focus, Baby, Focus- Keeping Our Eyes

Raise your hand if you are a Mom….

Raise your hand if you are a woman. Men too for that matter!

(I say women because I AM a woman- I know, shocker…. But MEN can also struggle in this.)

Raise your hand if you immediately go to the worst possible scenario whenever anything happens.

Yea. Me to..

Kids make a bad choice and immediately I am a terrible Mom who has no right raising children.

Hubby does something, anything, and right away he is not good enough.

Get a pain, anywhere, and its cancerous. Or at least going to cause pain forever. (Its like I am WebMD or something!)

Focus, Baby, Focus.

A few years ago, the Lord got my attention by bringing my attention to Heb. 12:2:

keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that lay before Him endured a cross and despised the shame and has sat down at the right hand of God’s throne. Hebrews 12:2 –

Something I sorely needed. Little did I know that would evolve into several years now of work keeping my eyes on Jesus. And several pages of verses and notes of what I have learned. Well, really am trying to learn.

I am, as we all are, a work in progress.

How was I supposed to know that I needed to keep my eyes on Jesus because the next few years were going to bring some trials that I didn’t really want to deal with. No one WANTS to go through trying times.

But yet, we do. Every day we have things in our lives causing us to question who we are. Its crazy isn’t it??

So many things in the media pulling us this way and that way. Then add in Social Media telling us that we should do this or that. Or boycott this or that. Encouraging our feelings of failure because we don’t look like that person or follow this diet or lifestyle.


What are we to focus on!!

God. Jesus. Holy Spirit. Truth.

Here are some truths.

Just a few years ago, we didn’t know this much about anything.

Just a few years ago, we didn’t have knowledge of this much bad news.

Just a few years ago, we didn’t have this much competition to be the best whatever..

Think about that for a little bit. Sure there was stuff in the news, but we were not immersed in it like we are now. It is crazy the amount of stuff we are inundated with. And if we aren’t careful, we could easily get sucked down into a mess.

But let’s bring it back to us.. You and I… Just in our everyday lives there is so much pulling us to do this, to be that.. To be the perfect mom…

Guess what? We aren’t.

We are who we are and that’s ok.

Sure there are always areas we can do better in. Always there are those things. But start by fixing your eyes on Truth. What IS the truth about you??

  • You are God’s child. Whether you believe in Him or not, you are still His.
  • He made you perfect and beautiful.
  • You are His beloved.
  • You are Called and Chosen by God for such a time as this.
  • You are forgiven. No matter what you have done, when you come before Him, you are forgiven.
  • You are a conqueror and victorious.
  • You are a Co-Heir with Christ Jesus.
  • Best of all, because you are, you are WORTHY.


These are the truth that God says about you. When those lies start to fill your head, as they do mine, or when you get overwhelmed by what is going on in the world around you, Fix Your Eyes on the One who Loves You.

Focus, Baby, Focus!

I am going to try to do a few blog posts about this topic- maybe make it a little devotional. I feel like we all need to learn to fix our eyes on Jesus. Especially in this trying time.



Get it Together · The Bible

Life Really Sucks Sometimes……..  

We lost 8 chicks, 1 hen and a cat last week.  

It was not a good week around here.  Not at all…..  

On Sunday as we were beginning our journey on the “Cherohala Skyway”, an amazing drive through North Carolina and Tennessee, we pulled over at a cute little spot along the river.  There was a drive in, with foods and ice cream and such, a picnic area and LOTS and LOTS of other motorcycle riders and drivers.  Hubby hadn’t been feeling well, so we didn’t stay there, and as I put my feet in the car I realized I had stepped in dog poop…  


And that is pretty much how the week went.

In my brand new, like newer than any car I have ever owned, 6 speed, converible, red, MUSTANG!!!  

I jumped out of the car and went back to the grass and wiped as much as I could off my shoe. Then removed the floor mat and those shoes and put them both into the trunk.  After I put on my other pair of shoes, we put the top down, car in gear and drove the amazingly beautiful, twisting, turning Cherohala Skyway.

That was absolutely beautiful and such a fun drive! Then went on to finish the drive down the “Tail of the Dragon”, a road my kids absolutely love and my motorcycle friends drive often because it is so curvy and fun to drive.  

I have pictures and I will at some point share that story.  But this isn’t that story.  

It was apparently a good day to do a sort of “fast” as all I ate that day was a little fruit for breakfast and a McDonald’s chicken sandwich and fries.  I just kept driving.  The next morning, I made up for not eating the day before at the hotel and then off we went again.  Only to get my first speeding ticket with my new car.  Great…

We got home and Hubby still hadn’t been feeling well.  The kids were happy to see us and we were glad to be back home.  They had done really well while we were gone, but there were some discipline items that had to be dealt with.  They handled all of our news pretty well, at least as well as could be expected.

Just as we were getting settled in for the night, a storm came through and knocked the power out.  We haven’t had the power go out for any length of time in years.  Luckily, I had just gone through the house last month looking for flashlights for the show so I knew where they all were.  I lit some candles and we played games.  In the middle of the night, I woke up and went through the house turning off all the lights because the power had come back on.  We had power for a while and then lost it again just after lunch.  

Early that morning, I had woke up to animal noises outside my window.  I couldn’t seem to wake up enough to deal with them properly, and paid for it later.  A wild cat had gotten into the chick tractor where all the meat chickens are and killed 4 and wounded 2 more, who died later in the week.  2 more died after that, I think because they must have gotten wounds that I didn’t see.  That was so hard.  I cried…  

After a supper of all the meat in my fridge, luckily we had been gone and most of the food in the fridge had been eaten, the power came back on.  Out here, I suddenly realized, when the power is off, so is the well pump.  So we had buckets of water from the pool for washing up and flushing toilets.  I was so happy when the power came back on. 

And its only Tuesday..  

Yep, it just continued….

But a couple of the boys and I went out cruising in the new car and his bike.  I kept an eye on him in my rear view mirror, but he did awesome!!  We had a blast cruising up and down old hidden back roads and then into town where we stopped at my parents house.  I even took each of them for a ride in the new car. They LOVED it!!!  So did I… These things made my day so much better.  

Wednesday Son #6 came down with the same sickness Dad has.  Now he and Dad are both sleeping all day and complaining of neck pain.  6 days later, they are both still not feeling good.  Hubby is at least able to do some office work at the shop, but he is pretty much too weak to do any mechanical work yet.  

Thursday, I woke to find the feathers from one of my hens in the yard.  I guess she either was taken before they got shut up for the night, or got left out of the coop accidentally.  And took Son#6 to the doc to find he has Mono.  Yippee…  2 weeks of rest and up to 4 months of fatigue and limited physical activity because the spleen can enlarge and be injured.  

Thursday night, a cat we have been keeping an eye on because he hasn’t looked good for some time-

(I could go into the explanation about how I really don’t like cats because they are “demon-possessed instruments of the devil” but they keep the mice out of my house, which I like even less, but I won’t.  This post is long and depressing enough…)

-Who has seemed to be ok, not in any pain, and seemed to be eating, suddenly showed up struggling to breathe.  I had seen him just that morning crawling out from under something and he seemed fine.  We put him into a carrier and rushed off to the emergency vet, calling them along the way to let them know we were coming.  As we were pulling into the city where the emergency vet was located, of course its 20 min away, we realized the cat had already passed away.  

I guess he saved me $300…….  

We buried him in the back field that he loved to hang out in.  The next night, we buried 2 of the chicks from the cat attack earlier in the week.  And the next day buried 2 more chicks.  

Friday morning I spent with Hubby in the clinic getting his bloodwork done and talking the the doc about his illness.  He said Hubby can’t have mono because he is too old.  I say baloney because what he has sure looks just like it and I have heard of other people his age having mono.  But what do I know??  I am just a mom……..anyway, the blood test was negative.  

Saturday was good.  He was able to do a few things, but then ended up on the couch from early afternoon until bedtime, sleeping much of the time.  Both he and Son #6 laid around all afternoon.  

Sunday, we had no hot water.  


But no animals died.  

Gotta look at the bright side.  It was Father’s Day and I got to go out driving my car to my brothers house for a party.  I left the sicko’s at home.  

Last week was overwhelming.  I took naps every day along with the sicko’s..   I tried to get drunk. To be honest, I have never wanted a beer so much in a very long time.  I had one drink and was so crabby and mad, I decided that wasn’t a good idea.  I’m not really a drinker anyway.  

I prayed.  I prayed for my property.  Hubby prayed for our property.  We prayed for healing and we continue to pray.  We prayed for our animals.  We know we have things we need to work on and some of those things we saw clearly at the retreat we attended.  We have been given the tools to use, and received some good counsel..  Now we just have to use them.  I used those tools last week several times when I was about to lose my s**t….  Every single day the Lord gave me a new verse or a song to focus on.  Every. Single. Day.  

God is good….  Life stinks sometimes…  But God is good and in the midst of all the crap going on, He met me and gave me something to have joy in.  Like my car, “Joy Stang”.