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This is a Quiet Post

It’s early yet at our house. Most of them are still sleeping. I suspect one is up but laying in his bed watching videos on his kindle.

Teen agers stay up late and sleep late. I am in bed early and up earlier than them. It’s kind of nice to have the quiet.

There is much more quiet around here than there used to be. courtesy of google free images

I am more used to a loud house with lots of activity. Of course, most of my parenting had been done with 9 kids plus friends in a small house with 4 bedrooms and no finished basement and 1 bathroom. Now we have 5 bedrooms, one kid per bedroom, and 3 bathrooms and a finished basement.

I love having 3 bathrooms- until I have to clean them. Especially cleaning that huge shower downstairs. I usually have someone else do it. I don’t use that bathroom, I tell them. It’s my excuse to not have to clean it.

Unfortunately, I looked in there yesterday. I need to get in and really scrub it. ugh…..

Boys don’t know how to scrub showers very well I guess. (neither do girls- just to be fair.) Right now its boys who use it and clean it so that is why I said boys don’t know how.

I never really understood people who had quiet houses. It seemed so strange to me.

Well- it was so strange to me. My house was only quiet at night when everyone was asleep. Or when we were all gone.

Now I have a quiet house.

This quiet house thing is really nice.

Only 4 kids in the house- until the end of this month when I lose another for college. We are also down to only 1 dog. Until May, we had 4 dogs in the house. Then Horse Daughter got married and took her 2 with. Then in July, we lost one dog to heart failure. Max is left alone and he is generally a quiet dog. Until someone comes down the driveway, which doesn’t happen all that often.

Oh- the other thing. Kids who sleep later than I do. I am known as a sleep til 7 or 8 kind of person. It’s just what I have always done. I don’t understand people who wake up happy and chipper at 5 am…. (I think they are just not right….). Well, now I get up before 7 very often and my kids, don’t get up until 9 or 10. Or later- If I forget they are down there and don’t wake them up.

Note, I am still not happy and chipper when I wake up. I need some time and a cup of tea. Before all these stomach issues, it was coffee. Now I get some proper English style tea which is perfectly all right with me.

I typically don’t even turn on videos or music. Not even in the car most of the time. I am enjoying the quiet so much. I didn’t realize how much I like the quiet. thanks to google imagesthanks to google images


Even the cat gets shushed.

Don’t wake the teenagers yet! I’m not ready for the quiet to end.




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If I Only Had a Brain……..


I am feeling pretty much like the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” lately.

Only, if you really watch the show or read the book, you will quickly realize that he already does and uses it well.

But for me, well…. Let’s just say, its not working so well for me.

Yes, for a long time now, I have forgotten this or that. Overbooked myself too many times. That is not surprising.

It happens way to often. Especially lately.

For example, last week I decided I was going to go to 3 different places to check on a better quality feed for my birds and see their prices. I went to the closest one and looked around. Found what I was looking for and went on to the next place.

I didn’t write any info down, but I did recall it pretty well.

Then I got to the furthest place away. I looked around at their feeds- they had a good selection. Their prices were higher though.

I remembered that I needed fly spray for the horses and I went to look at that too. So. Many. Choices. I grabbed one and put it on the counter and then went and picked out feeds and put them on a cart. Paid for my stuff and loaded it into my car.

I got in my car and drove out and then remembered that I was only looking at prices yet at this second place. Not buying.

Then realized that my bill was kind of high.

I went into he third place then and looked around. They had pretty much the same stuff as the second place. Cheaper. By about $2 a bag. I took down the prices I was interested in and went back home, frustrated with myself for forgetting that I was just comparing prices.

There I looked at my receipt. And got really mad at myself. I paid $82 for a gallon of fly spray!!!

I thought that I had forgotten in between the shelf and the counter to ask how much the fly spray was. When I checked out, I thought I had forgotten to double check the amount for the fly spray. Which, I should have- yes.

For the next 3 days, I just thought I was so stupid. In my head, I kept thinking about how my brain was just not working and I needed to be much more careful about things.

You see, I have been dealing with really low iron. Anemia I guess it is. I had been trying to eat anything and everything that would increase my iron levels. I felt awful to be honest. So tired. So sluggish.

I did go back to my doctor and he is very worried about my iron levels which have not risen after focusing and eating anything and everything rich in iron. He put me on an iron supplement and it seems to be helping. A bit.

Apparently, low iron affects brain function along with the other symptoms. Surprise.

Back to my story……

I was feeling pretty stupid and mad at myself for having low iron and that my brain wasn’t working and lots of other stuff that just gets added in then while you are in the pit anyways…….

I took the fly spray back to the store. I went back to the shelf where fly sprays were and saw the price sticker below the sprays I had purchased.

It was marked wrong.

The sticker below it was for a quart of the same kind but you could not see that unless you looked really close. It was $22.

I actually loudly announced it because I was sort of relieved!! The lady came over and said that they had recently rearranged that section and had simply forgotten to move the tags to the right spots.

I then found a much more reasonably priced gallon of fly spray and took my refund.

Isn’t it funny how a little, well expensive in this case, mistake can sometimes ruin your week??

It shouldn’t.

We are called to take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. We are told that in the Bible and, well, things just go better for us all around when we learn to do that.

I am watching with the kids a teaching by Dr. Caroline Leaf about “Switching on Your Brain” and in there we learned that it is a scientific fact that you can actually train your brain to think positively. You can actually change your DNA just by changing the way you think. It is not just a nice Bible verse that you read. Again science confirms the Bible.

I let my week get ruined just by letting that thought go for 3 days. Other things were added to it, because well… That’s just what happens.

All I needed to do was take that thought captive right away. I didn’t need to entertain it and feed it and encourage it. I needed to know the truth and then not let it ruin the rest of my week. In this case, the belief that filled my head was that I was stupid.

The truth is that I am not stupid. I am going through some health issues that are making thinking clearly difficult. I need to accommodate that and ask more questions and give myself more grace.

I need that in several areas of my life right now.

I think we all need that in the situations we are going through.

What are you going through that you need some help changing the way you think about it?? Try taking those thoughts captive and turning them to the positive.


Pictures for this post thanks to Google Images

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