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“They are late for everything.”

I overheard this from an old friend as I rushed in to the event, with several of the kids. She had her back to me and didn’t see me arrive, flushed and rushed, irritated with several of the kids, yet again.

That remark stung.

So much so that I remember it like it was yesterday.

I don’t intend to be late for everything. It just happens. Sure lots of people with several kids can get to most events on time or early.

I sometimes can.

Now, granted, I do have a problem judging time accurately. I will very often misjudge the amount of time it takes to prepare or to drive to an event. I don’t know why, I just do. Always have.

It’s a gift…..hehe..

But add to it what it takes to get some people in the household motivated to get moving- “Because. We. Have. TO. LEAVE. NOW”!


One can’t tie his shoes in the car.

One has to make sure his hair looks good.

Another needs to be sent back to change their clothes yet again.

Someone can’t find the other shoe.

Wait. Did we make sure the dog is in the house?

And these are the TEENAGERS!! Imagine what it was like when they were all little!!!

It was a good thing there were older siblings along to make sure everyone had pants on!! Shoes? Well, that was optional for the littles. OH! And to make sure we have everyone. Seriously. I don’t know how many times we started to leave and I had forgotten to make sure we had everyone and someone conveniently called out, “wait for ______!”

Very helpful.

Obviously, that child we needed to wait for was old enough to be out of a car seat, which was, back then, about 5 or so. Hopefully, they came out with shoes and pants on or they just went as is.

Sure I have tried making sure they know the time is coming and we have to leave by such and such a time.

Sure I have tried giving them a heads up that we leave in 5 min.

I tried getting everyone ready an hour early. Then something always happened and we still were rushing out the door.

Most of the time, I just end up tired.

I even have been known to just leave without them. My mantra is “If you are in the van when I leave, you GET to go with me!”

That is a motivational statement. (You have my permission to Tweet that.)

Honestly, I try to be on time. And when I am, there is a CELEBRATION!! Seriously, I do! I have earned it!!

That comment stung. Still does. I have forgiven that person. I am sure that I have said things that sting to many others without realizing it.

Another area I am working on.

Let’s just agree to give each other grace in the moments. Grace to be late- you don’t know what has happened along the way. Grace to accidentally say stinging things- you don’t know what has happened in their day either.

But, be honest. “Hey, that stung.” “I’m so sorry.”

Done. Move on. Learn from it. Its so much easier than having it stuck in your head years later. And best of all, does not form a wedge in a relationship. Some people like to keep their wedgies, and that is fine. Its their choice. Uncomfortable and ugly. But its their choice.

I am choosing no wedgie.

So, to that person who just might read this blog post, “Hey. That really stung. But I forgive you.”



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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere…


I didn’t think it would take this long to get all the messes cleaned up.

What started in the office, formerly the office, has now spread to another storage area, the living room, sunroom and garage.

Yep… That is how I roll sometimes.

To recap, we had a bit of a flooding problem when we got all the rains here in our area the end of August and beginning of September. We had a lot of rain one night- like 7 inches! We had a flood in a basement bedroom and the office. You can read about that here.

A week later, we got hit with another 8 or more inches and had more flooding in the office area. I realized that the water was literally pouring in through some holes in our foundation. We were able to close it up before the rains came again the next night. Thank goodness.

Here we are on week 5 and we are slowly getting things reorganized. I have no idea what the people north of us are doing yet and they had REAL flooding and tornadoes!!

The office and bedroom were pretty much totally emptied out so that we could get everything dried out. In both rooms, I took the opportunity to purge excess junk. The bedroom was pretty easy to get done because that was College Son’s room so we just made piles of stuff for college, stuff to get rid of and stuff to go back. Once the carpet was completely dried we were able to put it back down- we had pulled it up to get air flowing under it- and replace the trim pieces to hold it in place.

The office/storage area was another story altogether. Let’s just say, some people had been putting stuff in there that probably should not have been kept..

Sorting there took on a different look and to be honest, much is still not done. Ultimately, I decided that I really don’t use that room for my office other than to do a quiet time in the morning, so its going to go back to strictly a storage room.

I am still rearranging the house to accommodate my office stuff. The sunroom is now our office/school room. We have our workspaces in there and, so far, its working well. Slowly I am working through the rearranging keeping in mind these things-

  • Do I NEED this?
  • Do I WANT this?

Whatever doesn’t pass those questions then go through these questions:

  • Should I throw it away?
  • Should I give it away?
  • Should I sell it?

I feel like I am making good headway. It is taking me forever, but slowly, I am getting rid of excess and organizing the things that are staying. I had a rummage sale and have been selling things online in the meantime to help get rid of some things I didn’t want to just give away. In the end though, there is still quite a bit going to the thrift shops in my area.

I have much more to deal with in that room, but I have to wait until the rest of the walls are painted with waterproofing paint. Part of what has taken so long was deciding just what to do with that room.

While I wait for that to be done, I have been discretely ignoring the large pile of stuff in one corner of the living room. There is a lot of stuff in that pile that will be categorized in the “I WANT this” group. That means, I need to figure out what to do with it. And I just haven’t been mentally ready for that one yet.

I think that one might need an entire blog post of its own.