A to Z challenge

Let’s Try This Again….

  I am starting today.  Again.  I tried yesterday but..  well as you saw, there was not blog post from me yesterday.  Yesterday, I did not do well on the goals and plan I had set.  You see, I failed to plan the A to Z topics. When you fail to plan out the A… Continue reading Let’s Try This Again….

A to Z challenge · Get it Together

Let’s Do THIS…

I have set some goals and planned out some assignments.  I have figured out some things to do to get on track. Let's do this.   I realized that I waste too much time and if I would just reclaim that time, I can get these writing projects done.  If I will stop wasting time… Continue reading Let’s Do THIS…

A to Z challenge · Vicki's Ramblings

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

I am supposed to write a reflections post on doing the A to Z challenge.  What were my thoughts on the challenge, what would I change, do differently etc.  Then link it to the A to Z blog for everyone to read.  There are still about a thousand blogs listed there on that site, so… Continue reading Reflections on the A to Z Challenge