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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere…

Ugh... I didn't think it would take this long to get all the messes cleaned up. What started in the office, formerly the office, has now spread to another storage area, the living room, sunroom and garage. Yep... That is how I roll sometimes. To recap, we had a bit of a flooding problem when… Continue reading Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere…

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School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

Which means I am busy again. For lots of other people it means freedom. For me, it means I need to pay attention to what they are doing and make sure they do it well. At least as we start the year..... Everyone else dreads summer and Christmas breaks because their kids are home again.… Continue reading School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

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Some Days, Even I Need a Glass of Wine…

Today..... A great parade... A broken air conditioner.... on a 95 and humid kind of day.... Water in the basement... again.... I need a bottle of my Uncle's homemade wine.... per my Brother's suggestion.. At least most of the day was good... Blessings, I pray your day was better. Vicki