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Marching On……

11026001_743666892395343_5644161824188478644_nMud Month..  March Madness.. Whatever you want to call it, March is here. “In like a Lion” as the saying often goes.  Here, we have a little snow storm.  It was supposed to be a “4 inches of snow oh my goodness batten down the hatches!!”  kind of storm. I see maybe an inch, in places.  I love the weathermen.  Who else can warn everyone with cries of “Storm coming.  Storm coming!”  Over and over again and be wrong and still get paid??

I love the weathermen.  Who else can warn everyone with cries of “Storm coming.  Storm coming!”  Over and over again and be wrong and still get paid??

Wasn’t there a story about that somewhere??


Here we are at the beginning of March.  Spring just around the corner, 20 days from today.  I have seed catalogs marked up and dog-eared just waiting for me to place that order.  I have cardboard stacked in the garage for expanding a new garden bed as soon as I can get at it.  Yes, I know, I said I would not.  But- here is my reasoning…  I am going to plant all my tomato and peppers in this area because in my garden, the last 2 years, they have gotten blights and diseases.  I thought if I moved them this year to a new area I would have a better season. Tomatoes are a major ingredient in my sort of cooking so I need to have lots of tomatoes!!

I can’t plant them in the garden now for 4 years because of the blights anyways, so I may as well start a new bed.

The chicken coop plans are coming along nicely as well.  Hubby has them drawn up, has ideas for keeping things neat and easy to clean, and is ready to buy materials.  I have an idea for all the screen panels for the coop, the community gardens, and our home garden.  I thought I would have the boys build 4 x 8 frames, stretch the wire over it, and then we have ready-made panels that can easily be reproduced when a repair needs to be made.  It is not an original, no.  But I like the idea.  Watch for pictures as we start to build these.

We also have plans for some fun additions to the yard.  I want to add balance beams, a climbing rope, bars to pull up on or swing on, and a tire swing.  I also want to add a basketball hoop.  Most of these won’t cost much, so I am not too worried about that.  If we can do one or two a month that shouldn’t be too much from one month’s budget and plans to get done.  And all of them the boys could be building, with a little supervision, that will help get them done as well.

I know we could have been working on some things over January and February, but we didn’t for one reason or another.  Hopefully, now we can get moving and get some things started.

This week, though, I need to clean up in the basement.  We had a pipe burst to our outside spigot, spraying water all over the utility room and into our finished basement area.  We ended up with quite the pool of water down there, saturating the carpet.  The carpet needed to be pulled up, in a third of the room, causing us to have to move furniture, books, shelves and lots more odds and ends.  Our printer is in that area as well, so we have not had a printer for a few days.

The sopping wet padding is out in the garbage- Thank you, Boys!!  As we were pulling the carpet and moving things, we discovered mold areas under some of the shelves and in some of the woodwork that I will need to deal with today. A good thing I have my Young Living Thieves Cleaner!!  That stuff kills molds completely.  For that reason, I am glad we had to move everything and found the mold before it got much worse.

I have been wondering why youngest son seems to have a perpetual cough.  He spends a lot of time down there playing and that mold could easily be why.

That room needed a good cleaning and rearranging as well, I guess.  I have been avoiding cleaning as much as possible lately, so maybe this will get me started again….  Maybe..  Spring cleaning starting early??? images (6)


Lots of things going on around here- as usual.  What are your spring plans??  Do you have any ideas for the new season??  Does the new season coming get you a bit excited??



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Vicki's Ramblings · Young Living Essential Oils

So Mush….. Just so Mush…..

I was going to fix it, but well…  I just felt appropriate to call this “So Mush” rather than “So Much”.  There really is so much going on right now this past month but I feel like MUSH rather than much…

We have had sickness in the house off and on all month.  Nothing major, just annoying really.  Enough to send some to their beds for some time or need essential oils.  Though, one didn’t respond to ANYTHING I gave him.  No over the counter stuff.  No essential oils.  No vaporizer.  That darn cough he had just kept on going.  Finally, it just died down and quit.  Praise GOD!!! Both of us hadn’t been sleeping during those days so it was really nice to get a good night sleep again.

Youngest I  finally took into the dr. because hers just hung on.  She would be sick a day or so, then fine and then sick again…  UGH….  I haven’t been feeling well this month either.  So weird.  We don’t usually get sick at all and this month has been continuous.

Now, 2 more seem  to be coughing.  Yay….  One I just told to stop it.  I am done with sick and so he can’t.

One dog  has been sick.  A cat has had some issues finding the litter box.  Ok- it knows very well where it is, but can’t seem to get INSIDE the darn thing.

Add to that all the other life in general things……

On a good note, there have been LOTS of good things going on.  One, I got to take a few days off and go work on drawing and writing and get back on track with that.  Yes, I know, I have not blogged much this month, but a couple of other projects that have been sitting did get some work done on.  I am kind of excited about them and soon I will tell you more about at least one of them.

I have figured out that focusing on the blog is just not what I can do right now.  I love it, and I love that it has begun to grow quite a bit, however, for right now, I need to set something aside.  Well, truth be told, everything seems to have been set aside this month.  Watch, though, for an announcement coming soon.  I wrote a guest post that I am pretty excited about and I hope you enjoy it as well!!  Might be this month yet, or soon.

Hubby and I had a nice date night actually, this month.  The kids bought us gift certificates for Christmas so that we would do that and we actually used one on a REALLY nice place!!  WOW!!  It was wonderful!!

Son #4 is excited to start with a theater group early next month.  We joined a new co-op this semester and it has been a perfect fit for us where we are right now!  He is in an Improv class that he is doing really well in.  Another mom saw him and thought he would love this theater group her daughter is a part of.  I think he will.  He is also working on a play with a theater group in our area.  He is totally loving that!  Watch for information on that soon as well.

It is his “thing” and I am so happy to see him finding the niche he needs.  I am kind of frustrated with myself for not getting him plugged into these sorts of things sooner. He has had other opportunities, but I think that these two will be areas he can grow and flourish in and that is what I am excited about for him.

One other thing I do want to mention is that if you are thinking about trying Young Living Essential oils, now is the time!!  A premium starter kit is 10% off for the month of February!  Just a few more days left of this promotion!  You can always click on the picture on the right side of my page to go right to my website if you like.  Or you can click here.