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Making an Insect Repellent Bandanna for Dogs

I recently came across a flea and tick collar advertised on Facebook, that is made using essential oils. I shared it because, let’s be real here, to find something that is not full of chemicals that works, is a miraculous thing!!

The collar is called the “Enviro Collar”. Click here Enviro Collar for a link to their website. This collar uses essential oils imbedded in the collar to repel insects- most importantly here in WI, TICKS!!! They use Cedarwood and Rose Geranium oil for a potent repellent that works great! You will have to replace it every 30 days, which is more often than the other collar, I am sure, but it is safer for you and your pet.

I have been making my own oils bandannas for our dogs for the last couple of years. My problem is remembering to add oils to them over the course of the summer. I should do that once a month, I am realizing now. As a result of my lack of follow through, we do have dogs that have dealt with Lymes.

But when I do keep up, we have not found any ticks on our dogs. I was actually pleasantly surprised at that. We have one dog that is literally a “tick magnet”. If any of them are going to have ticks on them, it will for sure be that one!! Even he did not have any ticks on him while using the bandannas properly.

Here is my recipe:

  • A bandanna cut in half.
  • Oils- any combination of 2 or 3 of these oils:
    • Purification OR Repelaroma (This is from the Animal Scents line from Young Living.)
    • Lavender
    • Cedarwood
    • Geranium (I am out of geranium right now.)
    • Lemongrass
    • Clove
    • Thyme

This is what I do:

1. Take a Cotton (or any non- synthetic cloth) bandanna and cut it in half. For a small dog, cut it in half again. As you can see, I am not worried about neatness! If I would have thought about it, I could have gone downstairs and got my “pinking shears” and made it a prettier cut!

2. Fold over on the long side, once.

3. Apply 2 or 3 of your chosen combination of oils. Any of these are good for repelling insects so all will work well. I use about 3-5 drops of each- depending on the size of the dog.

4. Finish folding the bandanna so you have a nice collar. If you like, leave a little more of the point.

5. Let the odor dissipate a little before tying on your dog. Isn’t she a cute model??!!

I have not used these on cats. My cats are used to oil use, so they might be ok with them. Be sure to use your oils sparingly for a cat.

If your pet does get a tick imbedded in them, use a drop of Purification or Thieves on the tick. The tick will back out then. Apply then Lavender or Thieves to the wound 3 times a day for a few days. It will heal up nicely then.

ONLY use oils from a reputable source- I prefer Young Living because I know their quality is the best. They know where their plants come from because they grow them! The Seed to Seal guarantee!!! Please do NOT use oils from the grocery store because what is exactly in the bottle may or may not be what the label says. You could end up causing serious harm to your pet.

I would love to hear that you have tried either the Enviro Collar or the bandannas and what you thought. If you have any questions, comment.



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Marching On……

11026001_743666892395343_5644161824188478644_nMud Month..  March Madness.. Whatever you want to call it, March is here. “In like a Lion” as the saying often goes.  Here, we have a little snow storm.  It was supposed to be a “4 inches of snow oh my goodness batten down the hatches!!”  kind of storm. I see maybe an inch, in places.  I love the weathermen.  Who else can warn everyone with cries of “Storm coming.  Storm coming!”  Over and over again and be wrong and still get paid??

I love the weathermen.  Who else can warn everyone with cries of “Storm coming.  Storm coming!”  Over and over again and be wrong and still get paid??

Wasn’t there a story about that somewhere??


Here we are at the beginning of March.  Spring just around the corner, 20 days from today.  I have seed catalogs marked up and dog-eared just waiting for me to place that order.  I have cardboard stacked in the garage for expanding a new garden bed as soon as I can get at it.  Yes, I know, I said I would not.  But- here is my reasoning…  I am going to plant all my tomato and peppers in this area because in my garden, the last 2 years, they have gotten blights and diseases.  I thought if I moved them this year to a new area I would have a better season. Tomatoes are a major ingredient in my sort of cooking so I need to have lots of tomatoes!!

I can’t plant them in the garden now for 4 years because of the blights anyways, so I may as well start a new bed.

The chicken coop plans are coming along nicely as well.  Hubby has them drawn up, has ideas for keeping things neat and easy to clean, and is ready to buy materials.  I have an idea for all the screen panels for the coop, the community gardens, and our home garden.  I thought I would have the boys build 4 x 8 frames, stretch the wire over it, and then we have ready-made panels that can easily be reproduced when a repair needs to be made.  It is not an original, no.  But I like the idea.  Watch for pictures as we start to build these.

We also have plans for some fun additions to the yard.  I want to add balance beams, a climbing rope, bars to pull up on or swing on, and a tire swing.  I also want to add a basketball hoop.  Most of these won’t cost much, so I am not too worried about that.  If we can do one or two a month that shouldn’t be too much from one month’s budget and plans to get done.  And all of them the boys could be building, with a little supervision, that will help get them done as well.

I know we could have been working on some things over January and February, but we didn’t for one reason or another.  Hopefully, now we can get moving and get some things started.

This week, though, I need to clean up in the basement.  We had a pipe burst to our outside spigot, spraying water all over the utility room and into our finished basement area.  We ended up with quite the pool of water down there, saturating the carpet.  The carpet needed to be pulled up, in a third of the room, causing us to have to move furniture, books, shelves and lots more odds and ends.  Our printer is in that area as well, so we have not had a printer for a few days.

The sopping wet padding is out in the garbage- Thank you, Boys!!  As we were pulling the carpet and moving things, we discovered mold areas under some of the shelves and in some of the woodwork that I will need to deal with today. A good thing I have my Young Living Thieves Cleaner!!  That stuff kills molds completely.  For that reason, I am glad we had to move everything and found the mold before it got much worse.

I have been wondering why youngest son seems to have a perpetual cough.  He spends a lot of time down there playing and that mold could easily be why.

That room needed a good cleaning and rearranging as well, I guess.  I have been avoiding cleaning as much as possible lately, so maybe this will get me started again….  Maybe..  Spring cleaning starting early??? images (6)


Lots of things going on around here- as usual.  What are your spring plans??  Do you have any ideas for the new season??  Does the new season coming get you a bit excited??



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