This is a good site for downloadable unit studies.  Very thorough and hands on type.
This is a good site for downloadable unit studies. Very thorough and hands on type.

I used several of these studies and they are adaptable for more age groups.  I used the youngest one and then adapted it for use with my oldest.  You could also do the opposite.   They are fun, engaging and artistic.  You make items that are connected with the unit and add them into your notebook. They end up being quite like a pop-up book.  

Having Dinah Zilke’s book “The Big Book of Books” would be very handy to have especially with this unit study.

Holling C. Holling's books are beautiful to look at as well as being full of information!!
Holling C. Holling’s books are beautiful to look at as well as being full of information!!

We used this unit study a few times over the years.  I love the books!!  The pictures are amazing!!!  They are historically and geographically accurate.  We enjoyed these books.  You follow along on a map the adventures of the main characters to discover where the Mississippi River starts and ends.  How the Great Lakes are connected and flow from one to the other like a series of bowls each slightly lower than the previous.  “Seabird” is a world geography book.  Very interesting reading.

Very thorough history.
Very thorough history.

Beautiful Feet is HISTORY.  That is their main focus.  Accurate history.  Very in depth.  If you love history this would be the one for you.  They are very good at what they do.  We did a unit study by them about horses and a Bible history.  Both favorites also.


Literature based curriculum.
Literature based curriculum.

Sonlight is really my favorite but I still ended up picking and choosing from the curriculum.  There is so much to do every day!  It can be overwhelming!!  So, what I did was pick what I knew I wanted to do, and could do, and went with that.  I purchased my Teachers guides from the homeschool book sale. I got one from a friend.  I got the books from rummage sales, used book sales, friends or the library.  You can go online and order books to pick up at your library from all over!  I took advantage of that and found many of the harder to find books that way.  We were introduced to great books through this curriculum!

Most used Language Curriculum.
Most used Language Curriculum.

This series I found to be my favorite curriculum for teaching the kids language arts.  You used a passage from a classic book to learn all about language arts.  There are book studies, research papers and poetry units.  Some feel they are a little weak on grammar, but since I don’t “get” grammar, we did end up having to do a grammar program for a bit to help us grasp the concepts.  It helped us a bit.  But the reality is, we don’t use it in a way we could explain it to others now anyway so why worry about it!!  Who needs to know and understand the Direct Object of the sentence?!!  That got way too technical for me!!  The more in depth grammar begins in the purple book.  Prior to that, they are taught sentence structure, parts of speech and the like.

I will add to this occasionally.  If you have any questions about homeschooling in general feel free to post a comment in the comments section below.  






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    1. They are amazing aren’t they?? Those unit studies we have used in the past are the most memorable to me. Long ago, in our homeschooling journey, we did the horses unit- Margeurite Henry’s books are the BEST!!! And the study guide that went along with really helped us get the most out of the books.


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