A to Z challenge

Let’s Try This Again….

  I am starting today.  Again.  I tried yesterday but..  well as you saw, there was not blog post from me yesterday.  Yesterday, I did not do well on the goals and plan I had set.  You see, I failed to plan the A to Z topics. When you fail to plan out the A… Continue reading Let’s Try This Again….

A to Z challenge · Vicki's Ramblings

Z is For..

ZIPPITY DO DA!! ZERO, ZEBRA, ZOO... Zippity do da, the challenge is over today.  Both a sad day and a happy day as I wrote about yesterday.  It has been really fun to be challenged to write every day but Sundays and I found myself on Sundays thinking about posting anyways! Zero.. I have nothing… Continue reading Z is For..

A to Z challenge · Vicki's Ramblings

Y is For….

YAY, YES, YIKES, YOGURT... And probably a few other things as well. Yellow, not one of my favorite colors.  Yahoo an email account and also sometimes a derogatory name.  (only when I am driving and someone does something I don't like.  Which is all the time because I Am the ONLY good driver in this… Continue reading Y is For….