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Focus, Baby, Focus- Keeping Our Eyes

Raise your hand if you are a Mom.... Raise your hand if you are a woman. Men too for that matter! (I say women because I AM a woman- I know, shocker.... But MEN can also struggle in this.) Raise your hand if you immediately go to the worst possible scenario whenever anything happens. Yea.… Continue reading Focus, Baby, Focus- Keeping Our Eyes

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What happened to Free Speech???

I have been reading all over Facebook and online about the uproar about Phil Robertson's comments.  Really?  You ask him of all people a question like that and what do you expect him to say??  He is not exactly known for being politically correct!!!! Looks to me like he was set up. Why would someone… Continue reading What happened to Free Speech???

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pastor Saeed Abedini

pastor Saeed Abedini I can't stop thinking about this man today.  I don't really know why today.  I have heard about his plight time and time again over the last year and have been able to pray and set it aside each time. Not today. I did some reading about him today on the internet.… Continue reading pastor Saeed Abedini