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Switching Gears is Hard to Do!!

And that is what we have done with our schooling this year. It has been difficult.  Its been frustrating.  It's a challenge. But it's happening.  And yet..  It's really not all that much different.  I have a tendency to over complicate things when in reality, it's just a different method to the same thing. This… Continue reading Switching Gears is Hard to Do!!


Starting Up Again..

We are officially back to school for the year.  We started Thursday with a Classical Conversations Group that meets at our church.  My kids are the oldest kids there.  But they actually liked it. I, on the other hand, am doing a bit too much kicking and screaming.  The kids are fine.  They are asking… Continue reading Starting Up Again..

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The Week In a Nutshell

Or maybe "The week in a NutHOUSE"..  Or maybe "She is NUTS"....  All would be very much applicable around here at varying degrees. As I am sure you have noticed from my posts.  If not, Praise God!! I haven't been posting much because, quite frankly, I just don't have the brain power left over to… Continue reading The Week In a Nutshell