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Finally Finished..

Finally finished that last pile. The last pile of stuff needing sorting and putting away. That took FOREVER... but it is done. Sometimes its just the thought of something that is intimidating more than the actual doing of the project. And that is what happened with this last pile of stuff. Last intimidating pile of… Continue reading Finally Finished..

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Root Issues….What Are They?

All of this cleaning and reorganizing has caused me to do some reflecting. I have a friend who had to clean out her stuff and move out of a 5 bedroom, 2 story house into a much smaller ranch style house with her son. Most of her stuff is in storage units near her. I… Continue reading Root Issues….What Are They?

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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere…

Ugh... I didn't think it would take this long to get all the messes cleaned up. What started in the office, formerly the office, has now spread to another storage area, the living room, sunroom and garage. Yep... That is how I roll sometimes. To recap, we had a bit of a flooding problem when… Continue reading Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere…