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“They are late for everything.” I overheard this from an old friend as I rushed in to the event, with several of the kids. She had her back to me and didn’t see me arrive, flushed and rushed, irritated with several of the kids, yet again. That remark stung. So much so that I remember… Continue reading

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I Love a Rainy Night…..

Remember that old Eddie Rabbit song?? We used to have it on an 8 track tape. I liked that song and can still sing it when it comes on the radio, which doesn't happen often anymore. Sitting here in the camper listening to the rain come down reminded me of that song. It is raining… Continue reading I Love a Rainy Night…..

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Flash Flood Warnings……

I guess sometimes you actually have to listen to the warnings. Last night was just such a night. I rolled my eyes a little when I first saw the warning pop up on my phone. We waited all day yesterday for the "big Deluge" they said was coming. It was dark and dreary and cool… Continue reading Flash Flood Warnings……