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Homeschool Day in the Life

We are back to school this week.  3 weeks off was what we needed. With the new planner, new lesson plan sheets, and a serious schedule, we are back in business. For us, a typical day, with no interruptions, looks somewhat like this: 8:30- kids turn off their Kindles, eat breakfast. Their chores need to… Continue reading Homeschool Day in the Life

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Switching Gears is Hard to Do!!

And that is what we have done with our schooling this year. It has been difficult.  Its been frustrating.  It's a challenge. But it's happening.  And yet..  It's really not all that much different.  I have a tendency to over complicate things when in reality, it's just a different method to the same thing. This… Continue reading Switching Gears is Hard to Do!!


Homeschooling; Classical Conversations

I spent the day with a friend yesterday, sorting through the homeschool method that is called "Classical Conversations". I am a bit overwhelmed.  Thankfully, so is she, so I am not alone in this. Its going to be a very different method than I am used to.  For years I have been more Bible-based, Literature-… Continue reading Homeschooling; Classical Conversations