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Flash Flood Warnings……

I guess sometimes you actually have to listen to the warnings. Last night was just such a night. I rolled my eyes a little when I first saw the warning pop up on my phone. We waited all day yesterday for the "big Deluge" they said was coming. It was dark and dreary and cool… Continue reading Flash Flood Warnings……

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Encouraging the Kids to Be Thankful

Yep, they need to learn too.  They don't want to be thankful, but if you encourage it in them, they learn too.  Just like us, if we encourage it in ourselves, we learn it. From little on, we teach them to say "Please" and "Thank you".  We want them to be polite.  We want them… Continue reading Encouraging the Kids to Be Thankful

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Being Thankful is a Choice

How many times have you heard that one? Like most things we think or do, it's a choice.  Many times we have to consciously make the choice. I want to be a thankful person on an everyday basis, sometimes I get it sometimes I don't.  I really want my kids to be thankful and understand what… Continue reading Being Thankful is a Choice