chicken keeping

Turkey For Sale; Cheap.

Male birds are not really very nice. Kind of that naughty child who needs a good spanking. (Yes, I am a Mom of 9 who does indeed believe that a good spanking is needed sometimes. ) At least, most of the ones I have had have not been very nice. I have had 8 roosters… Continue reading Turkey For Sale; Cheap.

chicken keeping

Critter Attack

The other day we had a little excitement. We lost the birds for awhile. Not all the birds, just the turkeys and new hens. It started out to be a pretty traumatic loss. Hubby went out to check them and found only 8 of the 17 birds. All hiding and huddled in the pen. We… Continue reading Critter Attack


Things for the farm

I have lots of dreams for this property.  Lots of Dreams. My hubby likes to roll his eyes at me on some of them.  Others he wants to see done as well. And of course, I want it all done yesterday.  It's just how I roll.. I have learned the last 2 years to work… Continue reading Things for the farm