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Essential Oils.. Again..

Ok- I am trying hard to stay sort of on track with my scheduled days of write this or write that.  Some days, you may have noticed, I have just skipped.  No, I can't seem to think far enough ahead about these things. (I just started planning ahead for dinners!! its gonna take a bit for… Continue reading Essential Oils.. Again..

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Every Day Uses For Essential Oils

I just made today another jar of what my kids affectionately call "Mom's Concoction".    The things I do........ I started doing this several years ago with maple syrup and essential oils and we found that it worked pretty well to fight off the colds, sore throats and runny noses. Lately I have been using… Continue reading Every Day Uses For Essential Oils

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My Favorite Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils now for years.  I started off with Melaluca oil from the Melaluca company. Its a really good oil and I have had really good results using it.  I call it the "duct tape" of essential oils!  hehe.. Anyways, that is the oil I started using and then found that… Continue reading My Favorite Essential Oils